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Australia has a history of floods, causing devastating human and economic impact.

Floods are a natural process influenced largely by the weather and driven by the amount of rainfall and length of time it falls. After heavy rainfall, rivers, creeks and catchments may overflow this type of flooding is most common in Australia and is known as riverine flooding.

Western Australia (WA) is the largest state in Australia with a vast range of climatic conditions and seasonal changes that influence and increase the potential for flooding.

If you live in a flood prone region, then you need to prepare for the possibility of a flood endangering you, your family and impacting your property, even isolating you from the community and essential services.

Most household insurances policies do not provide flood cover so you also need to be prepared emotionally and financially. S​​​tart to weigh up the possibility of flooding where you live and prepare your family and home to minimise the risk and ensure their safety.

For information on how to prepare you home for potential flooding using sandbags, click here​.

Flood Smart - Click to download the guide
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 Flood Safety