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132 500 for SES emergency assistance
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Vertical Rescue

Vertical rescue skills are used to safely rescue people trapped at heights or depths in often hostile environments this includes; high rise buildings, cliff faces and crevices, caves, mine shafts, wells, towers, masts and silos as well as industrial settings.

FESA career firefighters from Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) ,State Emergency Service (SES) and Emergency Service (VES) volunteers are all trained to undertake vertical rescues and provide specialist services responding to major incidents requiring abseiling skills state-wide.

FRS teams comprise a minimum of four members of two rope rescuers and two rope technicians, one of whom doubles as a safety officer. All team members are trained to be adaptable and interchange roles.

SES teams have a minimum of eight members including a specialist team leader. All teams are trained to undertake other roles except that of leader, which requires a higher level of training and qualification.

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