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Receiving DFES Warnings on Mobile Devices

You can choose to receive DFES alerts and warnings using a range of smartphone apps direct to your mobile phone or tablet.

The different apps, listed below, offer different ways to receive alerts and warnings. You can choose to receive push notifications for an area you choose, for example, or receive all warnings from across the State.

Check the individual app for details on its own functionality.

Please remember that no technology is 100% reliable or guaranteed. DFES recommends using a range of sources to receive emergency information.


  • These apps are not managed by DFES and DFES is not responsible for their performance or function.
  • Inclusion in the list below does not indicate DFES endorsement of any products, services or recommendations contained within those apps.
  • Each app should be considered on its own merits, including factors such as the type of smartphone they work on, where they source information from, and how easy they are to use.
  • These factors should be reviewed on a regular basis as they may change at any time and without notice.
  • Smartphone apps which republish DFES Alerts and Warnings (at time of writing):

    Emergency Aus

    Platforms: Apple iOS, Android Allows you to set up specific locations for which you would like to receive alerts and warnings for from both DFES and Parks and Wildlife. This could be your home, workplace, location of another property or the home of a family member.

    DPAW Alerts

    Platforms: Apple iOS Includes both DFES and Parks and Wildlife alerts and warnings, as well as other Parks and Wildlife related information.

    National Bushfires

    Platforms: Apple iOS, Android Includes Bureau of Meteorology warnings, as well as DFES and Parks and Wildlife warnings.