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Children and Families

We offer a day out for the family which is fun, educational and free.

Welcome to the online section of DFES’s Education and Heritage Centre for children and families. Our aim is to increase family safety awareness and understanding of emergencies and hazards by offering a fun, stimulating and interactive leaning experience.

At DFES’s Education and Heritage Centre we cater for all ages and interests. Our exhibits promote safety across both natural and man-made hazards and rescue operations. For heritage enthusiasts there are vintage fire trucks and a dedicated heritage exhibition.

Our vibrant early childhood space includes displays of DFES emergency services as well as books, puzzles, colouring and activity sheets for younger children. We also offer free take home resources and our friendly staff are happy to help with your enquiries.

Click here for more information about Community Safety publications.

A wonderful photo opportunity exists for everyone who wishes to dress up as a fire fighter and sit in on a fire truck. This is popular with all our young visitors and age groups. So don’t forget the camera!

We provide additional school holiday activities and have a weekend open day during the year. These are extremely popular with both families and the community.

If you would like to plan a visit to the centre, access our safety resources, or find out more about our school programs or events, please follow the links below.

We can help

Children that repeatedly experiment with fire and do not respond to parental intervention or education may benefit from our Juvenile and Family Fire Awareness Program (JAFFA) program. This free, confidential program is delivered by firefighters in the family home. It teaches children and families about the consequences of fire and helps them to develop fire safe skills.

If you have a child who is experimenting with fire setting we have resources to help you educate them for fire safe behaviour. Click here for additional information.

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