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Classroom Resources

Western Australian students live in a state that will continue to be affected by fire, bushfires, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, severe storms and tsunamis.

DFES provides a number of resources and services to Western Australian schools aimed at raising awareness of natural and man-made disasters and preventing emergencies, where possible.

For questions about these programs, please contact our School Aged Education Officers on 9395 99767 or 9395 9866 or email educationandheritage@dfes.wa.gov.au


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Natural Hazards

Our programs target upper primary students in years 5, 6 and 7 (in addition to these lessons, the bushfire program also provides for years 2 and 3, and there is a web interactive resource designed for student learning - please click here. The programs are linked to the Australian Science Curriculum (Earth and Space, Nature and Development of Science, and Use and Influence of Science) and provide a suite of lesson plans around tropical cyclone, flood and bushfire which are the major natural hazards that threaten Australian communities.

The aim of this program is to raise students’ understanding and awareness of these hazards by learning how they impact our lives and communities and how preparing homes and planning for emergencies can help keep our families safe. The program also encourages learning around scientific research around natural hazards and disasters and how we use this information to help communities.

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Fire Inside Out

The Fire Inside Out education package aims to educate primary students about key aspects of home fires – prevention, preparation, response and recovery.

Students can participate in activities linked to a number of learning areas, including Science, Society and Environment, Health and Physical Education, English and Mathematics.

Each package includes three kits – one each for junior, middle and senior primary students – containing comprehensive teachers’ guides, student activities and resources.

Click the relevant links below to access Junior (Preprimary to Year 2), Middle (Year 3 to Year 4) and Senior (Year 5 to Year 7) information and activity sheets.

Please note: Hard copies of these packs were sent to all schools in 2000. These kits are no longer in print.

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