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TFB Prescribed Activities – Online Notification Form

An exemption is no longer required for certain activities carried out in the course of trade or commerce (i.e. a business), or by (or on behalf of) a public authority as they are now prescribed in the Regulations. There are specific conditions which need to be complied with in order to conduct these activities during a TFB, click on the links below for information detailing the conditions and your regulatory obligations:

One of the regulatory obligations is notification to DFES and the relevant local government at least 30 minutes prior to the activity commencing during a TFB.

If the activity is occurring within 3 kms from land managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service, you must notify the respective local District or Regional Duty Officer from Parks and Wildlife between 24 hours and 30 minutes prior to the activity commencing.

You are required to do this via the Online Notification Form – here.

A Fact Sheet summarising the recent changes to Total Fire Ban exemptions can be found by clicking the following link: