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132 500 for SES emergency assistance
13 DFES (13 3337) for emergency information
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How can I find out if a ban has been declared?

When a Total Fire Ban has been declared it will be:

  • Featured on the Total Fire Bans page of the DFES website
  • Published on DFES's Twitter account
  • Published to subscribers through the DFES website's automated RSS feeds
  • Broadcast on ABC local radio and other media outlets
  • On the Total Fire Ban information line: 1800 709 355
  • Displayed on Main Roads WA Variable Message Signs, where possible (see image below)
  • Displayed on local government roadside Fire Danger Rating (FDR) signs


VMS Highway Sign
Above: A Variable Message Sign on Canning Highway in Applecross
indicating a Total Fire Ban for the Perth metropolitan area.