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Emergency Services Volunteer Fuel Card - Application


Applications for the Volunteer Fuel Card Scheme will only be accepted from the following personnel. If you do not hold one of these roles, then your application will be rejected.

  • The Captain of a Bush Fire Brigade
  • the Captain of a Volunteer Fire and Emergency Services Brigade
  • the Captain of a Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services Brigade
  • the Commander of a Volunteer Marine Rescue Services Group
  • the Local Manager of an State Emergency Services Unit
  • the Chairperson of a St John Ambulance Sub Centre
  • the recognised volunteer leader of a St John Ambulance Division

Please Note:

  • Only the registered OIC details are to be entered in the Volunteer Officer in Charge Details section
  • You must have your Volunteer ID number in order to complete the online form.
  • The postal address used in the application must be the official postal address of the Brigade, Group or Unit. The online form will automatically populate with the current official postal address according to the Department of Fire and Emergency Service or St John Ambulance records.
  • Complete all mandatory fields in the online form, otherwise you may not be able to finalise your application and submit successfully.
  • Please note by applying for the fuel card you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the scheme.
  • If your Brigade, Group or Unit does not appear in the online form or you are unable to complete this application for any reason, contact vfc@dfes.wa.gov.au.

Disclaimer: Any personal information being collected is for the validation of your application only. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for further information.

Brigade, Group or Unit Details

BGU Service Type*: Select a BGU Service Type
BGU Name*: Select a BGU Name
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BGU Postal Address
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Suburb / Town:
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Please enter your correct BGU Postal Address below
Address Lookup:
Address Line 1*: Enter your Address Line 1
Address Line 2:
Suburb / Town*: Enter your Suburb / Town
Postcode*: Enter your 4-digit Postcode

Volunteer Officer in Charge Details

Volunteer ID Number*: Enter your 5 to 7 character Volunteer ID Number
Given Name*: Enter your Given Name
Surname*: Enter your Surname
Date of Birth*: Enter your Date of Birth
Contact Phone Number*: Enter your 10-digit Contact Phone Number
Please tell us how you heard about the Volunteer Fuel Card Scheme*
Please select an option
I certify that the information contained in this application is true and correct and that if my BGU was a recipient of a fuel card previously, that the Fuel Card Tally Sheet has been tabled at a BGU meeting. *
Please check to certify.
I agree to distribute the amount contained on the fuel card fairly amongst all actively contributing Volunteers in the Brigade, Group or Unit. *
Please check to agree.
I agree to have only my full name and Brigade, Group or Unit name published on the DFES Volunteer Portal so that all volunteers can see who are the fuel card custodians (no additional personal data will be published). *
Please check to agree.
Your brigade, group, unit or sub centre will be issued one fuel card for one account. Please indicate if you require additional fuel cards which will be linked to the same account. *
Please check to acknowledge.
For validation purposes, please enter the text or numbers in the image shown below

Please note, this application page may take up to 2 minutes to process. Please be patient.