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WA Emergency & Risk Management

The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) and Office of Bushfire Risk Management (OBRM) work at a State level to oversee Western Australia’s emergency management arrangements and bushfire risk management framework respectively.

State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC)

The SEMC provides an independent and objective oversight of emergency management in Western Australia. The SEMC’s purpose is to strategise, organise and oversee the coordination and continuous improvement of emergency management in the State.

The SEMC Secretariat was established in July 2013 as a sub-department of DFES, as an outcome of the Keelty Special Inquiry into the Perth Hills Bushfire. The SEMC Secretariat is responsible for supporting the SEMC. Previously this function was carried out by a division within DFES.

For further information, please visit the SEMC website.

Office of Bushfire Risk Management (OBRM)

OBRM was created in May 2012 as an independent office within DFES to oversee changes to Western Australia’s prescribed burning program across all land tenures.

OBRM aims to ensure that bushfire related risk across the State is managed in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines.

OBRM’s main functions are:

  • To regulate prescribed burning
  • To liaise with stakeholders and provide advice in relation to policy, legislative frameworks, resourcing, responsibilities, best practice and standards
  • To facilitate communication and consultation between relevant stakeholders to assist the State in the management of bushfire related risk
  • To encourage continuous improvement through the identification of lessons learned
  • To report on the state of bushfire related risk across Western Australia.

Additional information can be found on the Office of Bushfire Risk Management homepage.


Please note: The Western Australia Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (WANDRRA) is now administered by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) and information is available on the DPC website.

Information regarding the Emergency Management Funding Program is now available on the SEMC website. This includes information about the Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP) and All West Australians Reducing Emergencies (AWARE).​​


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