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Roles within the Office of Bushfire Risk Management (OBRM)


The Director leads and manages the strategy and functions of OBRM. This role is responsible for enhancing the efficient and effective management of bushfire related risk in Western Australia in order to protect people, assets and other things of value to communities. The Director uses an extensive network of state and national partnerships and memberships to achieve OBRM’s objectives.

Executive Manager

The Executive Manager provides support to the Director by managing Office functions, projects and strategies. At a state level, this role manages the development and implementation of bushfire related risk management programs, ensuring consistency with OBRM policy and strategy, relevant legislation, agency and community needs. The Executive Manager also contributes to the strategic development and management of the Office.

Policy Team

The Policy Team is responsible for the development and review of state-wide bushfire risk management policies, strategies and guidelines, as well as planning and overseeing projects relating to the development, implementation and review of bushfire risk management principles, frameworks and practices. The Policy Team are responsible for providing advice in respect of OBRM policies and legislation related to achieving OBRM’s objectives.

The team also provides Geographical Information Systems (GIS) services to support project work carried out by OBRM staff.

Analysis & Reporting Team

The Analysis & Reporting Team is responsible for the development, implementation and enhancement of the OBRM risk management reporting frameworks and processes. The team also undertake an assessment and review program to assist agencies and organisations who undertake prescribed burning in aligning their practices and procedures with Australian Standard ISO31000:2009 Risk management – Principles and guidelines. This program allows for continuous improvement through the identification of lessons learned.

The team also provide advice on issues relevant to bushfire risk management.

Personal Assistant

The Personal Assistant provides day to day support to the Director and ensures the smooth running of the Office by providing a secretarial, co-ordinating and administrative support service.

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