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Office of Bushfire Risk Management (OBRM)

The Office of Bushfire Risk Management (OBRM) provides policy support and risk assurance to enhance bushfire prevention and the management of associated risks.

For enquiries, please email the Office of Bushfire Risk Management at OBRM@dfes.wa.gov.au.

What we do

Collaborate to develop policy and programs that focus on bushfire management.

Provide advice on the interpretation and application of legislation and policies related to bushfire management.

Monitor, review and report on the management of bushfire risk, including maintaining the Map of Bushfire Prone Areas

Assist organisations that undertake planned burning to align with the Australian standard for risk management.

Facilitate collaboration between stakeholders in bushfire risk management to build a broad coalition of capability.

How we work

OBRM leads and supports projects that involve a broad range of stakeholders across the fire management community. We aim to connect experts, academics, government agencies, fire practitioners, land managers local government and volunteers. We facilitate the sharing of knowledge to support the creation of sound policy and the effective management of risk.

Bushfire Management Policy

The OBRM policy team provide advice to assist DFES, state government agencies, local governments and members of the community to understand and apply legislation and policy which is relevant to bushfire management in Western Australia.
Bushfire Risk Management Planning Guidelines

OBRM developed the Bushfire Risk Management (BRM) Planning Guidelines and is responsible for the review and update of the guidelines to ensure that it is fit for purpose for the future. OBRM works closely with the Bushfire Risk Management Branch who are implementing the BRM Program.

Map of Bushfire Prone Areas

The Map of Bushfire Prone Areas shows areas that have been designated as bushfire prone under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1998. Additional planning and building requirements may apply to developments within bush fire prone areas.
For more information, or to view the map, click here.

The Assurance Program

OBRM’s Assurance Program reviews the policies, procedures, culture and practices of organisations involved in planned burning to confirm they adequately manage associated risks. This includes confirming these arrangements result in good outcomes from planned burning, such as efficiently reducing the potential for harmful bushfires and promoting biodiversity.

More information is available from the Assurance Program Guidelines

Monitoring bushfire risk

OBRM monitors and reports on the current state of bushfire risk and activities undertaken to manage it. This includes an annual report on fuel reduction activities conducted by local governments, State Government agencies and other organisations. OBRM also undertakes reviews of major planned burn escapes. For more information, see the Publications page.


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