Child Safe, Child Friendly Organisation

As a child safe, child friendly organisation, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and the emergency services community involves, respects, values and protects children at all times. Children have much to offer our community and are our future emergency responders and champions of public safety.

DFES has developed specialist programs, policies and training resources to assist our educators and emergency services crews engage children positively and appropriately. Our child safe culture includes thorough background screening, risk management and open and honest communication concerning any risks to a child’s wellbeing and safety. All those who engage children must undertake a Criminal History Check, a Working with Children Check and child engagement training.

Children may be involved in the emergency services during an emergency, at a community event, within a volunteer emergency service, or while participating in education/training programs and activities. On rare occasions an issue may arise that may put a child at risk. This is something DFES takes extremely seriously.

In the unlikely event that you may have witnessed or have been informed of activities or behaviours that increase risk of physical or psychological injury to a child, then you may contact us. Please select the Contact Us buttons below.

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