The speed and ferocity of a house fire can engulf a room in less than five minutes. Find out how to prevent home fires and what to do if one happens.

Home fire walkthrough

Step inside the devastation left by a home fire to see what can happen when a blaze engulfs a house, what you can do to prevent home fires, and what to do if there is a fire in your home.

You can help prevent fires at home

Every year, people die in house fires. Sadly, most household fires are preventable.

Losing your home to fire is a devastating experience with huge emotional and financial costs.

Watch this short video to find out how you can prevent a fire at home.

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If there is a fire

A small fire can engulf an entire room in two to three minutes, leaving little time to escape.

Make sure everyone in your household knows what to do:

  • Evacuate immediately.
  • Crawl low under smoke.
  • Go to your safe meeting place.
  • Call 000.
  • Do not re-enter a burning house for any reason.
  • Wait for firefighters to arrive.

To extinguish a person’s clothing that has caught fire, follow these steps.

Step one: STOP

If a person’s clothing catches on fire they should immediately stop where they are. Running will fan the flames.

Step two: DROP

They should then drop to the ground immediately.

Step three: COVER

Once on the ground the person should cover their face with their hands to prevent burns to the face and stop smoke entering the respiratory system.

Step four: ROLL

To assist a person with burning clothing roll them back and forth on the ground, or smother the flames with a fire blanket. Never beat the fire as this only increases oxygen flow, causing it to grow.

Smoke alarms save lives

Smoke alarms can improve your safety as they will alert you if a fire has started in your home and give you time to escape.

It’s recommended that you put a smoke alarm in every room, outside each bedroom and on every level of your home and have them interconnected.

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Extinguishing a fire

You should never try to put out a fire if it could put your or anyone else’s life at risk.

Fire blankets and fire extinguishers can be used to put out small fires at home.

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Attempting to extinguish a fire

More Information

Preventing a fire in the home

Reduce your risk and improve your safety by following the safety tips provided on this page.

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Types of smoke alarms

Find out about the types of smoke alarms you should consider for your property.

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During a fire in the home

Only use a fire blanket or fire extinguisher in the first few seconds of ignition.

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Recovering from a fire in the home

Find out about how to safety access and clean up your home.

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