fire hydrant booster test

Request a fire hydrant booster test

Fire hydrant booster tests undertaken by DFES require several personnel and significant resources.

Requests for testing should only be submitted when the fire hydrant or sprinkler system has been fully installed, ready to be commissioned, and the site is suitable for functional testing.

A request for DFES attendance at booster tests should be submitted approximately 4-6 weeks before practical completion.

Important notes
Request testing

Pre-test site inspection

Applications may be selected for a site inspection prior to the date of testing by DFES.

The site inspection will normally be carried out within 14 working days of receipt of the application.

If the hydrant booster system and safety conditions are met at the time of inspection, DFES will liaise with the local fire station for testing to be carried out within 14 working days. If unsafe conditions exist or the installation is incorrect, DFES will not schedule any testing until the outstanding issues have been rectified.

Why undertake a pre-site inspection

Note: It may take longer to arrange for an inspection and test in regional areas.Where non-compliances or deviations from the original plans assessed by DFES are identified on inspection, the owners or their representative will be required to make necessary alterations and re-submit an application for a hydrant booster test.

On the day of pre-site inspection/hydrant booster test

DFES requests plumbers and site coordinators are present during both site inspections and hydrant booster tests. Where pumps are installed, we also require the person responsible for installation of the pumps is present on the day of the test.

Every endeavour shall be made to minimise water wastage when conducting a test. This may be achieved by the recirculation of water through storage tanks or limiting the duration of water flow to prevent damage to property or the environment.

Please be aware that unforeseen emergency situations or operational obligations that may arise on the scheduled day of testing will be given priority. In such situations, it may be necessary to reschedule the test at short notice.

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