about arson

Irresponsible behaviour towards fire by adults and children is one of the most serious public safety issues confronting governments and communities throughout Australia.

Facts about arson

Deliberate fires cause significant damage to the people, property, businesses and environment of Western Australia.

Arson has the potential to not only destroy the environment and property, but can also kill or injure people.

Every year the cost of arson to Australian business and associated infrastructure amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars.

About  90% of bushfires are believed to be deliberately or recklessly lit.

Over 300 arson related charges are laid by WA Police each year.

Arson is a serious crime that can attract significant penalties, including life imprisonment.

What motivates an arsonist?

The reasons people deliberately light fires are many and varied but a few reasons can be:

  • Spite and/or revenge.
  • General vandalism or mischief.
  • Concealing a crime.
  • To gain attention and praise for discovering and extinguishing a fire.
  • Insurance fraud.
  • Excitement (pyromania).

What you can do to help prevent arson

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