Incident Report Request

If you need to report a life-threatening emergency incident call 000 or if you require assistance from the State Emergency Service call 132500.

DFES records information about all emergency incidents that we attended, and are able to provide those reports under certain circumstances.  Emergency incidents can include fires, storm damage or other emergency response situations such as a rescue.

The reports are only available after the incident is finalised, and attending crews have left the scene and completed their reports.  Note that reports are only able to be provided where DFES emergency crews have been in attendance.

To receive the most suitable report, please select from one of the following options:

- For a detailed Incident Report where you are the Owner or Occupier of a residential home directly affected by a bushfire, house fire or a storm, and/or DFES emergency crews attended your home as an emergency response:

You will be required to provide us with enough evidence to prove that you are either the owner or the occupant of the address where the incident occurred.  

For privacy, the evidence you provide must only be sent using the secure process directed here.  Your documentation will be deleted once verified.  

Please enter your email address below and click the Submit button. You will then receive an email with instructions on how to continue.

- For an Evidence of Attendance report to a property (residential, commercial or other) affected by fire, storm and/or DFES emergency crews attended that property as an emergency response:

An Evidence of Attendance report can be used to prove that there was a confirmed DFES emergency response to a property. Information provided includes the DFES Incident Number, Type of Incident (e.g. Fire), Address and the Date/Time of the Incident.

Please email providing address, approximate date of incident, type of incident (e.g. fire) and the DFES incident number if known, and your contact details.

- For all other circumstances where you require a detailed Incident Report in relation to an emergency response incident such as:

You are the Owner or Occupier of a commercial, business, government or other property.

Or you are the representative of a property (including homes) such as building manager, property agent, insurance agent,  legal etc..

Or you are requiring an incident report outside of the above conditions.

Please click here to use the Freedom of Information process to obtain this information.

The information is provided under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1998.  Please do not send confidential documentation to DFES by email.